Thursday, May 14, 2015

May 12 Earthquake!

May 12--another earthquake!

My word--it was the very next day after I posted the last post!

It was scary, I won't sugarcoat it.  We didn't have time to pray!
This is why I'm glad we prayed in the morning!

I've been working at home, because my new office is on the third floor of the hospital
and I didn't really want to go up there!

So, anyway, I was called up there for something
and had just said, "This is my first time to work up here since the earthquake because
I've been afraid to come up here for longer than a minute!"

THEN, there was a very loud noise, and the first shakes!
YIKES!  Say it isn't so!  It's so!  GO!

The building kept shaking badly and we all ran to the doorway,
which, by the way, we do at home when there's a strong aftershock.

However, this didn't stop and it was obviously the second earthquake many feared
was going to come, and as predicted, we found out later, was east of the big one.
We made a run for it down the stairs with the building shaking the whole time.

By the way, all day today, off and on, I've felt tremors.  Please keep praying!
We'll be sleeping in (Ramon) scrubs and (me) sweats so we can run outside in the night if we need to.
We'd been sleeping that way for two weeks and had just started wearing pajamas again.
Now, however, it's back to scrubs/sweats!

Here is the hospital's post of what happened:

We are thankful that we are OK, but so sad for the devastation upon devastation.

The famous beautiful tourist town of Nagarkot was near the epicenter.
Remember this picture of my mom and me with the very tip top of Mt. Everest to the left of Mom?

This was also taken there!  You can't take a bad picture!

Here's our Nagarkot selfie:

Here's an article about what happened in Nagarkot.  I'm so sad.

The hotel we stayed at is the one called Club Himalaya.
To see pics, go to the "Labels" and click Nagarkot.

Here's an article about this quake.

When you read about Sindupalchowk,
please note that it is the same place in the previous post where the team went.

Thanks again for your prayers and support.
Have a blessed day!

Monday, May 11, 2015

A Trip to a Village


Hope everyone is having a nice week and that you had a lovely Mother's Day with your family!
I had a lovely talk with my mom, sister, and family,
and Ramon did too.

Here, we are still experiencing aftershocks, some too strong for my liking!
However, we are thankful that our house is OK and we can sleep inside
(I'm sleeping in sweats in case we have to rush out!)
and have electricity, water, internet, and even cable TV!  

No, we didn't make it to a village, but some of our doctors have been going to badly affected areas.
To read about one such trip, jump on over to the hospital's blog:

I think their experiences are typical of the relief teams.

Here are a few pictures of my recent trip to Kathmandu:

A huge tent city in a huge town square:

Look how one is down and one is still up!
It's probably very likely that the one up has cracks though.

The owners of the intact houses are inviting homeless friends and family members into their homes.
This is very nice to note.

Well, very tired, so will quit for now.
Thanks for care and concern and prayers.
More soon.
Take care and God bless!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

An Earthquake Story


First of all, thank you for all the love and support we are feeling over here in Nepal!
There are still aftershocks (two or three about about hour ago)
and life is extremely difficult for many people.

This BBC article is pretty comprehensive.

We are OK, thankfully, and busy as you can imagine--especially Ramon!

He has been on CNN Espanol along with the other doctors.

He's also been in a newspaper in Paraguay!

Here he is talking on the phone to a reporter in Paraguay.

I think he has talked to three.
Twice a radio station tried to talk to him live, but it didn't work out.
Maybe later.

I've not been able to update this blog with our experiences yet, 
but I did get a story out for the hospital's blog.
If you want to read it, here it is:  

It's the story of these folks.

For now, I'll say Bye and put up a happy sight I saw today.
This adorable little boy is still healing from his head wounds.  You can see the bandages.
However, he's up now and PLAYING!  What a beautiful sight!
He wasn't running, but he was playing!!!  He's getting better!


Friday, May 1, 2015


The Earthquake!  Oh dear.  We are so sad for our beloved Nepal.  What a week this has been.  It's unreal and I keep thinking I'm going to wake up and say to Ramon, "MAN, what a nightmare I had!"  We are thankfully OK and have just been very, very busy as you can imagine, with no time to update this.  Plus, we didn't have internet for several days.  I have updated the hospital's blog, which is my job, so head on over there any time you'd like to check it out:

This picture sadly says the reality of too many families.

Thanks to everyone who prayed for us and please keep praying for everyone!!!

I still don't have time to make a "real" post, so for those of you who didn't see this on Facebook, 
I'm just going post a link to a newspaper article about our hospital (and yes, Ramon is mentioned)
from a newspaper in India.  It will give you a quick update.

By the way, Ramon is the one who set up the intensive care unit on the lawn. 

Sadly, the death toll has risen too much since this was written.

Thank you to everyone for your prayers.  Keep them coming!
We still are having aftershocks.  My legs sometimes feel like jelly.

Blessings to all.