Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Visit to Panauti


We hope you are having a lovely 2013 so far.  We are, thanks to the Lord and have been busy as usual, but we like it that way.  Ramon was happy to have Hong Kong Adventist Hospital's Ear Team here a few weeks ago doing surgeries.  They worked long hours and accomplished everything they needed to.  There are many happy Nepalis able to listen to their world now!

 It was not "all work and no play" however--at least for Mom and me!  (She was here for two months.)  One day we went to Panauti, an ancient historical town not far from here.  I hope Ramon can go with the me the next time I go.

 You can see the temples and one of the sacred rivers that meanders around the town and through the valley.  The mountains make a majestic backdrop for the ancient town (which dates from the 14th or 15th centuries or even earlier--depending on who you talk to) which was at the junction of important early trading routes.  One of these temples is supposed to be the oldest or at least one of the oldest in Nepal.  The town is an important medieval site and also considered one of Nepal's most artistic towns.

Last year, when my niece Liesl was here, we (the school) had a field trip and picnic on the top of a nearby hill (which I call a mountain)

where we had some magnificent views (when we finally made it to the top)!

I was happy to be able to go back with Mom during one of our holidays from school.  As you can see by the pictures, it was one of those beautiful days with those beautiful blue skies that make it impossible to take a bad picture!  This is the square where the bus stop is.

The streets are narrow and busy just like in Banepa.

Everyone we saw was busy.

These ladies were able to take a break

and these young men found time for a game.

There were lots of small temples everywhere, which is common.

After I took the above picture and we walked a few steps, the little girl you see above called her friends and they all called for me to take their picture.  Surprisingly, they didn't ask for chocolate, as is common.  They were satisfied to just be in a picture.

A few steps later we were at the entrance to the famous temple area.  I think it was the back entrance, although it was the entrance we found first.  The little cutie on the right was so happily helping his mom!

This mother had some happy helpers too!

As we walked in, the largest temple was in front of us.

We walked up and to the left to get our tickets in the office.

In this building is an interesting museum filled with very ancient artifacts.

One of the artifacts has a sign that it's from the 8th century, but some of my signs are blurred, and I can't find it.  Oh well.  Maybe next time I'll be more careful!  Anyway, you can get a general idea of the museum with these few pics.  We really enjoyed it.

Now for some shots of the temples.

I took this shot of the top of the largest temple because I had read that young couples hang pots and pans up there to signify their hope for a happy and prosperous family life.  I didn't see any, but maybe I just missed them.

There is a chariot festival held here every year, but we haven't been able to see it yet.  One of the days is called the "Duin-chha-nya-ye-ke-guis" -- sounds interesting!  There's also an important pilgrimage that happens every twelve years.  The last one was right before we came in 2010.  Thousands of people come to Panauti during these times to cleanse themselves in the rivers.  I can't promise that we'll be here for the next one in 2022!

On the short drive home, we saw this beautiful sight that we can't see from Banepa!
So close, but so far!

Also saw the harvesting in action!

In a jiffy we were back home in Banepa.

Next time, Ramon, you are coming with me!  :)
 Have a nice day!