Sunday, September 18, 2011

Vacation Happenings

Hello from Paraguay!  Our vacation is winding down and we're here now

in Asuncion, Paraguay, Ramon's home town.  It's so nice to be here again!  We're doing the same things we did in the States:  visiting, eating, shopping, visiting, eating, shopping, visiting, eating, shopping!  :)  This is our vacation in a nutshell!  Of course the best part is all the wonderful visits we've had!  We feel grounded again after seeing everyone "in real life!"  Happily we were able to convince more of our loved ones to join Skype.  What a blessing that is!  Anyway, what have we noticed?  That commercials are wayyyy to long!   

Here are the places we have been:

(This is in Maryland.)

 (Hagerstown, Maryland)

(Buckeye Lake, Ohio)

(Cleveland, Ohio)

(Hershey, Pennsylvania--see previous post)

and now Paraguay.  We traveled through

where we saw this sign:
If you have traveled through Miami and lost something, I don't think you'll ever find it now!

Next stop--

--Sao Paulo at sunrise!

Just a short flight later, we were happy to find ourselves here in Paraguay, enjoying the company of family and friends and a beautiful Paraguayan Spring!

Now we're down to our last days and before we know it we'll be traveling HOME to Nepal!  Take care and enjoy your week as much as we will!