Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Coin that Traveled the World


We're back in Nepal
(This is the hospital and school, with Banepa in the background.)

...after a wonderful family vacation!

This coin (showing it and the flip side here)
is the one in the title.

OK, the recap:

First we flew to  Doha

(photo credit:

Image result for kathmandu to doha
(photo credit:

and then to Miami.  Yes, it's a loooong flight!
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(photo credit:

Next we were on our way to Paraguay, via Sao Paulo.
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(photo credit:

Image result for sao paulo to asuncion
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For those who may recall, Ramon's mom is very ill, and that visit was very important.
However, visiting our family and friends there was fantastic and the time flew by too quickly!

As we waited to board in the airport in Asuncion, we enjoyed listening to this fellow,
who often is there in the departure lounge.

So we flew back to Miami, via Sao Paulo again, then on to Maryland,
Image result for flying baltimore to miami
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where we got in more visits
with family and friends, and we wouldn't trade those visits for anything!

The snow was an added bonus!

Before we knew it, it was time to fly back to Nepal!

First we had to go back to Miami.
Then of course, backtracking, we flew to Doha, and then Kathmandu.
As I've mentioned before, to visit our families, there and back, it's over 29.000 miles.

Well, we FINALLY landed in Kathmandu, put our luggage on a luggage cart, and Ramon
threw his Scottevest jacket, yes, the one with 17 pockets, onto the luggage.
The flap that covers the zipper opened up.
There it was--a Paraguayan 1000 Guarani coin--sticking to the magnet!

Now, that is a REAL magnet!  That coin had to have been there since we were in Paraguay!
We certainly didn't use Paraguayan Guarani currency anywhere else!
He wore the jacket on every flight, and even put it up in the overhead compartment at least once.
OK, so that coin stayed stuck to that magnet from:
Asuncion to Sao Paulo
Sao Paulo to Miami
Miami to Baltimore
Baltimore to Miami
Miami to Doha
Doha to Kathmandu

MAN!  I'm not sure that Scottevest knows it has such strong magnets!

Yes, Ramon loves his jacket, and his only complaint is the same one others have--
with so many pockets, it's hard to remember where he put things!

Well, if you're in the market for a jacket with pockets and magnets,
we recommend checking out Scottevest's jackets!

Have a nice and blessed day!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Last Year and This Year

Yes, it's February, but we can still wish you a

Wow, another year has gone by!
Yes, it's true:  Time Flies When You're Having Fun!  I'm not sure we had fun every single solitary minute of every day, but I am dead certain that we were richly blessed every minute of every day!
We hope you were too!

So here's a comparison between last year at this time and now.

First of all, we're on our vacation right now!  Last year we took it at the end of March, but
this year we chose February.  We're so thankful to be able to spend time with our families
and friends and relax a little bit.  

This time last year in Nepal the roads looked like this...
...not many vehicles in the road, right?

We were in the middle of a very cold winter with a fuel crisis going on.  Did you hear about it?
Go to the Labels section, and click "Fuel Crisis" for information if you missed those posts.
You'll see pictures like this of vehicles waiting in line, sometimes for days,
yes, days, for fuel.

Now, we spend lots of time stuck in traffic since we have fuel, but we're happy to have fuel,
so...there you go!

Ramon said he's thinking of buying either a car or a motorcycle.
When he makes up his mind, I'll let you know!

 Last year was a difficult time for the country and especially those living in temporary housing
after the earthquake.  Some are still living in temporary housing, although
lots of construction is now in progress--YES!

It's so nice to see this these days
since these areas were empty last year!  Ugh!  

The restaurants, including our hospital's canteen, do not have to cook on an open fire anymore.
(This is not the canteen, it's a local restaurant.)

Did you notice the gray sky in the first picture?
This year we SOMETIMES have blue skies again like we used to before the earthquake:
I never get tired of seeing that!

  Hong Kong Adventist Hospital's ENT Team came for their annual trip for cochlear implant
and middle ear surgery.

They've actually been here already this year and Ramon worked with them again.

What a blessing they are to those in need!

This is the time of year that I start teaching the Kindergarten students how to use the library
and take care of books.  It's a fun time!

It's a new concept for most of them and they're so excited!  The new school year starts 
in April, soon after Nepal's new year, and once in first grade, they are able to check 
books out for a week like the "big kids."  They take it very seriously and besides being more than adorable, they are very responsible.  Our school has the only library in our district that allows children younger that Grade 4 to check out books!  I'm very proud of all of our students!

I don't have fines for overdue books.  Instead I give a cookie to the kids when they return their books.  It works!  Once when one of the new kids said to me, "See you tomorrow!" I said that he wouldn't see me until the day after tomorrow because I was going to go to Kathmandu the next day.  One of the kids who has been at the school for a number of years turned to him and with a voice of experience said very seriously, "Yes, she has to go to Kathmandu to get our cookies."  "Oh."  They solemnly nodded their heads.  Yes, the only reason Dr. Ramon and Kathy Ma'am go to Kathmandu is to buy them cookies!  😊

In town, then and now, and usually quite often in fact, we see Gurkha soldiers guarding buildings and in the winter they never wear coats.  At least this one has gloves on.  I do hope they can wear long underwear!  Everyone else is bundled up!

Here's a very interesting article about them:

After reading the article, I found out who this fellow was:
(photo credit:  the above article)

Lately this statue has been decorated:

Well, that's enough for now.  We trust you are having a nice year too and we thank everyone for your prayers!  Blessings to all!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

December in Nepal


December 25 is just another day here, but now and then you spot something

This December we have seen several demonstrations, which are not uncommon in Nepal.
This one was peaceful.

This one we stumbled upon, and had to turn around for, had potential to not be peaceful.
I even saw someone throw a rather large stone and you can see smoke in the distance.

While walking and driving around, you see people rebuilding their earthquake damaged buildings.


This is good news, because some people are still living and sleeping in unsatisfactory conditions.
While it's been a fairly mild winter so far, it's supposed to get cold soon.  Right now our indoor temp is a balmy 61 F. as opposed to 51 F. this time last year!  Read the photo credit to find out more.

The other day our elementary school had it's Annual Program,

and the nursing school put on a Christmas drama.

Read the photo credit under this pic to see other Christmas celebrations.
(photo credit:

This time of year is one of the designated times for weddings.  At any time you can see this:

and hear this:

Usually you hear the procession before you see it!

Next come the bride and groom in a decorated car.  This couple had an escort by Little Brother.

Littlest Brother looked like he wished he could go and run and play!
He was so adorable!

Recently we went to a wedding reception.  The bride used to be a nurse in the operating room.
Now she works in a big hospital in Kathmandu.  She was so beautiful!

There was gift giving,

and lots of food!  Here is the snack table,
Hmmm?  What to get?

...and the cooking area.

You could sit here

...or here, which is where we sat.

Ramon made a new and adorable friend.

The kids had fun dancing.

  Enjoy a lovely holiday with your family!
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