Monday, June 27, 2011

School Happenings

As school is out for the summer in most places in the Northern Hemisphere, we are full swing into a "newish" school year here in Nepal, where the school year goes from April - March, following the Bikram Sambat calendar where it's now the year 2068!  What a blessing it is for me to work with the beautiful children who attend the school here on our hospital campus.  For anyone who doesn't know, I'm teaching English grammar to Grades Kindergarten through Grade 5.  The kids are always cheerful and how nice it is to be around cheerful people all the time!  (Plus, they're so cute!!  :))

We were all especially cheerful this day when we received an ice cream treat!  :)

Here is Sweetness Personified:

"How do you eat the last part of the cone without getting napkin in your mouth?"

Who was peeking during prayer?  Everyone!  :)

Here are the little ones watching a movie on Movie Friday:

...and the older ones.
You can see that they are all good friends and treat each other like family.

Here are the older ones at their handwriting competition.

One day we had to say Goodbye to our assistant principal who accepted a job in Korea.
He will be missed and we wish him all the best!

Our precious Playgroup members don't all have a uniform yet.
In the beginning of the year some of them cried every time they saw me, while others ran to me like I was their their best friend they hadn't seen in awhile!  :)  Now they all run to me and I love it!

Here are the adorable "Big Kids" in Nursery.  They knew me from last year when they were the "Little Kids" in Playgroup and during the first days of school they would run up to me and proudly (and somewhat incredulously) say, "I'm in Nursery now Kathy Miss!"  Sooo cute!!!

My Kindergarten English Class:
Adorable, sweet, and hardworking!

Here are the first graders.  I'm pleased with their progress.
We were looking out the window and using Pronouns.
"They are working."  "Look at them."  "He is over there."  "She is walking."

Yeah!  First Grade is FUN!

So is Second Grade!

And sometimes it's so much fun that we stay in the room to read instead of going to recess!!!
(Yes, I caught this pic during recess!)
Don't you love it?!

Grade Three students are amazing...

...and a joy to be around!

The fourth graders are very competent and studious--so nice to see and to be around!

They also have their fun side!

Last but not least, we have our fifth graders!  They are a great group and actually enjoy school.
(They really do!)

You can see why I enjoy going to work every day and why I am so blessed!
Ramon feels very blessed at the hospital too.
May you have a blessed day--whatever you're doing.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Life Happenings

This week was our wedding anniversary--Happy Anniversary to us!  We are thankful to the Lord for ten wonderful years.  We celebrated by taking our day off in the nearby town of Dhulikhil--a place with some pretty spectacular views of the Himalayas and the surrounding countryside.  This post will be a "photo essay" of what we saw--

Views from our hotel:

Views from our walk:

What a cutie!

Hmmm...which way does the sign say to go?
Look, it's going to sprinkle!

Oh well--look what that means!

But that's not ALL we saw!!  Sometimes you just get lucky!
(The clouds don't always part this time of year, so we really were lucky!)
So now, I bring you the "piece-de-resistance!"
(Double click to enlarge for the full effect!)

Pretty nice view, eh??!!

As we thanked the Lord for our marriage, we also thanked Him for the chance to work for Him in this most beautiful of places here on this old Earth!

If there hadn't been a glare, this is what you would have seen through the window:

...and with the zoom!

Have a nice day and enjoy whatever's happening in your life!