Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mary in the Mountains, Part 2

This is a continuation of the last post, which chronicled part of my mother's visit to Nepal.  Besides that, if you missed the Oct. 29, 2011 post, click here, and check out what we saw one day!  It's pretty cool!

Here are some other things we saw that one normally doesn't see at home--this one in the freezer section of our favorite grocery store:

...and the yogurt in it's dish, which you get without a cover.  This is from a local dairy shop.  I must say that it really is super delicious and I could eat it three times a day (and I've never gotten sick from  it).  Mom is not a yogurt person and I couldn't get her to even taste it.

And of course--this view!  

Mom lives in Maryland and gets to see the Appalachians,

but it was nice to get to see something different and so majestic.
 (If I say so myself, "Nice picture Kathy!")

Some other different sights we saw include this fellow

and this one:

and this boy, like so many, working on a bus and hanging on, just barely it seems, because there's no room inside. 

Other things to see here are nice restaurants,
(This one is called Fire and Ice and is located in Thamel, the tourist section of Kathmandu.  When you're here, you might want to go there--you'll be happy you did!)

and busy streets (Watch out Mother!  Liesl and Shea wisely stayed out of the way of the traffic!)!

Nepali artifacts are interesting

and so is this beautiful hall

where we found some delightful old photos, including this one of Lord and Lady Mountbatten's trip to Nepal in 1945!

Mom enjoyed looking at the beautiful jewelry in this shop

that is in this nice row of shops--if you have money to spare, you can really buy some nice things here!  She bought some nice stones at one of these.  (Yes, stones!  Beautiful ones however!  She also bought a nice purse.)

Although we never had a chance to go and see it up close, Mom enjoyed looking at this statue of Shiva, which is the tallest one in the world!  It's not far from here and we see it when we drive to Kathmandu.  There are lovely views around it.  Maybe next time we can go up there.

On a clear day, right behind the statue, you can see the Himalayas as  you come down into the valley!

You can also see the Nepali people hard at work.

This guy worked hard to try and get Mom to buy something.
He didn't succeed.  (Remember she had just bought some stones and a purse and didn't want anything else--at least that day!  If you know my mom, you know she's a shopper!)

Here she is with her purse (some beautiful embroidery is on the other side).

Now sometimes I made Mom "work"--so just like in Curacao, she came to work with me.
Here she is with some of her new friends.

Mom and I enjoyed (and I still do) watching Liesl with the kids.  They love her!

Mom and Liesl both helped in the library.

Mom helped some of the kids with one of their art projects.

They both enjoyed the Speech Competition.  (Can you spot them in the audience?)

Mom gave Anjan some advice, while Liesl talked to the little ones.

Reading time:

After working hard all week, it's time for another day off, and another lovely ride into Kathmandu.
It's a beautiful drive!
By the way, it's 17 miles and about an hour's drive.

I'll close with the "scenes" from two restaurants we tried.  One you probably won't recognize unless you've been to New Road in Kathmandu, a place with great samosas,

but this one you may recognize!

If you still  haven't guessed, this will clue you in.

One day one of my students asked me if I knew what "KFC" stood for.  When I told him I knew, the kids were all impressed!  "She knows what it means," they exclaimed!  "How do you know?" one of them asked.  "Well," I said, "I've been to Kentucky."  Boy, they were really impressed then!  :)

Have a nice week and stay tuned for Part 3 of Mom's trip to see pics of the Monkey Temple and some other interesting sights!