Monday, May 7, 2012

More of Nagarkot

For those who remember, when my mom was here, we (except for Ramon who typically was too busy) went to the beautiful village of Nagarkot,
which I briefly wrote about here, in a post called, "Nagarkot and More" which tells about something exciting we saw!  However, the rest of our trip there has been undocumented, so that's what this post will be about:  "the rest of the story" so you can see "More of Nagarkot" and see why I'm trying to get Ramon to find the time to go there with me to this international tourist destination we are blessed to live so near to!

Although not too far away (don't know exactly how many miles), it takes about an hour to get there from here.  (Remember that Kathmandu is also an hour away and it's only 17 miles!)  If you get carsick on hairpin turns, beware!  (I'm having little bouts of carsickness in my old middle old middle (who am I kidding?!) old age, so I try not to move my head around too much and just snap pics out the window with abandonment and hope for the best!)

What's happening at this hairpin turn?  Let's see, the two cars have had to move out of the way of the bus.  Is it listing?  Yes, it is!  Is it awfully close to the edge of the road?  Yes, it is!

Finally we can go!  Look at the place in the road where the bus was precariously listing on the edge!!!

Yes, on the straight stretches there is room for two-way traffic!

Here are other scenes from the drive.

Here's a nice place to stop with amazing views if you're hungry or thirsty.

Here is where I really want to stop on my next visit!  I was SO glad to see this!  It's the only one I've seen so far the whole time I've been here (except for the ones in our school and hospital)!

We passed by folks going to a party--looks like it was probably a wedding.  The ladies and girls always look so pretty! 

Apparently this spot is a bus stop...!

...and apparently they got tired of waiting and started walking.  (See them?!)  I always wonder when I see people like that in the middle of nowhere:  Where did they come from?  How did they "land" there?  Hmmm.

Finally we're getting close.

Here we are!

Thank you Driver for a good trip!

Where exactly are we?  Club Himalaya Nagarkot Resort.
Do we recommend it?  Yes!

Mom is looking particularly happy!

So are Liesl and Shea!

And why not??  It's a beautiful place in a beautiful location!  Here's the lobby,

the library (bookshelves and TV behind me),

and the pool and jacuzzi (there were amazing views, but you can't tell in this picture).

Here are the rules:
It's right underneath the restaurant

which looks like this (lobby is to the left). 

Look who's checking out the buffet?

There were swings (which were set up for a festival)

near the gift shops

where you can see the following view when you look up.  Naturally Mom and I didn't look up (since we were going down the steps to a shop--you know how we like to shop!) until we heard people around us exclaiming, "Look!  Look!"
That red roof is from one of the gift shops.

Let's zoom in!
It was a little hazy, but still AWESOME!

This is the hallway to our rooms

and here is our room

and our electricity schedule!

Here are the windows in Shea's room

and the view we all had from the balconies...


When I have the chance to go there with Ramon, I want to go to this lookout tower!

When you take a walk, this is what you see.

These flowers are inviting certain gods to come into the house.

This one had cute footprints

that led into this shop

 where I bought a skirt.

When we got back from our walk, these kids were singing and dancing.  So cute!

In the morning, we got up for the sunrise!  Was it worth it?  YOU BET!
You really feel the majesty of God when you're watching a sunrise in the Himalayas!

What are these people looking at?
You know if you've read the post of the link at the beginning of this post.
If you haven't, hop over there and see!

Look how the sun hits the mountains!

Wouldn't you enjoy relaxing here?

Proof I was there!

Thank you Lord for the chance to relax in just a majestic place!
May you be able to relax for at least a few minutes today, wherever you are!

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(a festival)