Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Monkeys and More

Well, here I am again--finally!  Have been sick and busy and sick and busy--just the normal stuff!  :)  Today I'm posting about when I (Ramon couldn't go again--he's not been able to take many days off--too busy) took my mom, niece and friend to Swayambhunath, an ancient religious complex, also known as "The Monkey Temple" because of the monkeys that live there.

 The last time I went, which I wrote about here, the weather was a little bit nicer and fairly clear with great views (example:  the header of this blog!).  This time the view was like this:
 Mom, Liesl and Shea did not mind the fog

because this time there were lots of monkeys around!  This little guy was perusing the newspaper as if to check his stock!

I guess he wasn't happy with the results, since he soon decided to eat the paper!

This one greeted us in the parking lot.  It's like he was saying, "Come this way folks!"

These ladies were also in the parking lot.  

Let's go inside and look around!  Here we see some grooming going on

and a lot of playing!

Now, let's look around the sights.  It's so interesting!

We looked at the shops, but didn't buy anything.
(Yes, those of you who know my mom, please don't be too surprised at this news!)

Don't know what this is--anybody?

We caught a few people doing different types of worship.

There are so many temples, it would take a very long post to see them all...so,
just note:  if you ever come to Kathmandu, I say visiting the Monkey Temple is a must.

Other things we saw while driving around Kathmandu that day include:

...this child who is an example of "Children are the Same Everywhere" who he looks like was saying, "Moooommmyyyyy...I don't want to wear a coat!"

and this "slightly" crowded Kathmandu three-wheeled "bus" called a Tuk Tuk.

Here are the workers we saw who are just like Energizer batteries--they just don't stop!
(Well, for some reason, I can't add any more pictures or words at the bottom of these two pics, so I guess this is it for today!  Have a nice day and stay tuned for more happenings in the Himalayas!)