Monday, May 26, 2014

Current Views

Greetings!  We hope everyone reading this is having a lovely day!  Here it is the wheat harvest time and everywhere you look you see busy people working hard--and in very hot weather with a water shortage!  Therefore, I'm devoting this post to pics of what we are looking at now, and will bump ahead (again!) Part 2 of "Eating Out in Kathmandu" to another post.

These days it also seems like summer is already in full swing--it's been stinkin' hot!  I have felt like we were back in Curacao this past week--and that means it was HOT!  Once a newcomer to Curacao hopefully said to me, "You get used to the heat, right?"  "Well," I said, "it's not so much that you get used to the heat, it's that you get used to walking around covered in sweat!"  Five steps outside here and your back was covered with sweat!  A couple of days ago it spouted rain and the temps felt refreshing.  Last night it rained, and it actually seems cool at the moment.  Maybe it will stay this way for a few more days...I can hope!  Anyway, as I was sweating just walking around, I felt for those out working from sunrise to sunset out in the fields.

You can see that most of them cover their heads to help keep the hot sun off.

Imagine bending over like this and not only being really hot, but also getting a back ache!

Here is a lady in our physical therapy department receiving treatment for just that.
A student volunteer from Canada is getting instructions from our physical therapist.

Everywhere you look you see people carrying heavy loads!  
They don't let something like a heatwave slow them down either!

They walk long (sometimes very long) distances too!
See this lady--

You can tell she's walking fast.  Here's where she came from (the far distance) and then she headed towards us.  She never slowed down.  Can you see the little red dot at the "crossroad" on the right?  That's her!

If I was sweating just from walking from one building to another one close by, I can only imagine how hot and uncomfortable these ladies must have been.  You know something though?  You never hear them complain.  Ramon says they are good patients who take everything that happens stoically.  Here is a lady toiling, but she smiled at me!  The way they work is inspiring!

There's also a water shortage, like there often is.  However, the following scene at a community water spigot is common any time of year.  Here are some ladies washing their dishes, clothes, and children all at once!
  I think the children were happy to cool off!

Here are some ladies we saw the other day heading to their closest water spigot.

The next time you turn on your faucet, think of these ladies!

Did you see the post about water that I wrote a few years ago and a couple of months after we arrived?
If not, you can check it out here.

Well, to end for today, I'll show you some super cuteness that I get to see with some shots from my Sabbath School class!
Ramon took this shot.  I love the looks on their faces as they look and listen to me!  :)

Here they are marching around as we sing, "Angels are Watching Over Me.  I am Glad!  I am Glad!"

Ramon and I are glad that we are here!  Thank you for visiting with us today!  I hope you enjoyed the views!  Have a nice day yourself!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Chandeswori Jatra

Hi!  Hope you're having a fun and blessed month of May.  May is the month of an interesting Hindu festival here in Banepa, called Chaneswori Jatra, so I'm going to repost about it in this post and do Part 2 of "Eating Our in Kathmandu" later.  I hope you don't mind that I'm reposting, but it's the same every year!  I didn't post about it last year, so it's time to show you again what happens.  The post I'm going to link to is from 2012, and it actually has a little video as well as links to the Chandeswori Jatra from 2011!   

Things to note--this May we thankfully have not had the road strikes, called bandhs, that are mentioned in those past posts.  This is very good news!  Also, in the May 21, 2011 post, I say that I didn't know what the flying flags are.  Now I know!  They are part of the "Buddha Purnima" celebrations that take place on the middle day of Chandeswori Jatra!  It's the birthday celebration for Buddha.

OK, if you missed these past posts, I hope you enjoy seeing what happens around here in May!  Here's the link from 2012:   

I'm going to close with a picture and video I took the other night during the Jatra (procession).  I haven't figured out how to take good night pictures yet, (sorry--don't like reading manuals!) but you can have an idea of what the dancers and the band in the picture looked like and hear what they sounded like in the video, although you can't see anything! Enjoy and have a nice day!  More later!