Saturday, September 21, 2013

Scenes from Planes

Hello from Paraguay, where we are on the first leg of our vacation, before going to the States next week.  To get here from Nepal, it "only" took 30 1/2 hours of flying over three days!  On the longest flight of the trip, 15 hours from Ahu Dhabi to Chicago, I took a walk (if you can call it a walk, but you know what I mean!) around the plane aisles and was enchanted to see this out of the window as I came back to our seats:

"Where are we?" I asked.  Ramon started to turn his screen to the map.  Then I saw from someone's screen in front of us that we were flying over Greenland!  "It's Greenland!" I exclaimed!  The people around us started looking.  We all were ooing and ahhing because--who knew Greenland was so cool?!?!

I certainly had no idea it was this awesome!

Man!  What beauty!

Anyway, I decided to devote this blog post to scenes from the various places we have flown over.  Earlier in this trip, we got these photos of Abu Dhabi as we flew in from Kathmandu.  

We happened to catch the sunrise over Bolivia as we got closer to Paraguay,

and these beautiful clouds over the northern part of Paraguay called The Chaco.

Finally we started our descent into Asuncion.

Yes, we were on American and yes, we had good service!  We were so happy that they are now flying into Paraguay (which they had not done for about ten years) because it's easier on us not to have multiple airlines.  I'm sure that's why they decided to go back!  (smile)
One day I'll tell some of our experiences!

Last year we had clearer skies as we flew in so we could see some of the outlying countryside before we approached Asuncion.

A little before that picture, I was able to catch this wonderful shot.  Majestic
--and not bad if I say so myself!

Here is a repeat from last year, however I think it's so interesting!
This is the desert just north of Khartoum, Sudan!
Are those irrigation circles--or what?  Hmmm.

Here's a picture of England taken as we neared London,

and the countryside outside of Zurich.

As for this one, I don't remember where it is!  Anyone know?
It's possible that it's Lake Michigan (is it that clean?!) because we were flying into Chicago that trip.

Here's one that's a repeat from the trip I took to Pokhara with my mother--
but I just had to repeat it because I amaze myself with my photography skills!
(It's impossible to take a bad picture in Nepal!)

I'm going to end with the very first picture I took of Nepal as we broke through the clouds on our first trip--it's not the best picture, but it was an awesome moment for me!

Well, I hope you enjoyed these "Scenes from Planes" on our trips.
Have a nice day and see you later!