Saturday, March 15, 2014

When We're Out & About--Part 3, "Kathmandu Sights!"

Hi!  Hope everyone reading this is having a nice day!  We're fine, and just busy as usual!  Ramon was happily working with Colorado's Centura Global Health Initiatives OB/GYN team who were here for female surgeries.  They come here about twice a year for these much needed surgeries.

We are all thankful that they are willing to come during their vacations to serve others in need.

It's now time, however, for the next part of the series about what we see and do in Kathmandu on our day off and this post will focus on some of the sights we see in Kathmandu.  Of course, there are lots of pictures of Kathmandu in this blog (including the cover picture of this blog), but I'll try and put up new ones today!

Kathmandu is an interesting city to say the least!  If you don't know much about it, you may enjoy reading this page from Wikitravel:

You never know what you might see there.  Here's an example of something we just stumbled upon one day:

This made me say, "Ramon, we're not in Kansas anymore!"

This was actually not long after we arrived and if you missed that blog post, 
you can read it here.

(By the way, the pictures are smaller in those beginning posts because 
I didn't realize I could make them bigger!  Really!  Smile!)  

Sometimes we see new kinds of Pringles:

Now maybe many cities have these flavors, but we hadn't seen them before.
No, we haven't tried them!  We stick to Sour Cream and Onion!
(However, I do miss Salt and Vinegar chips which must not have caught on here.  Once, they did have them, but never again.  They were not Pringles and were from another country which I can't remember, but they were still good!  Oh well!  Something to look forward to at home!)

Update:  Look what we found this week!!!
They're from Germany and they're delicious!

Here's something else you see in the grocery stores that we are not planning on trying!
Maybe someone reading this likes these, so please don't mind that we will leave them for you to eat!

Something else we see there that we don't see at home is this:

Yes, this a squat pot in a department store.  It's a normal sight here.
You flush by emptying the bucket into the toilet.
The "nice" thing about this particular one is that it is "A Room With A View!"
See what I mean?
Since it's on the top floor of the store, you can enjoy the view!

 Sometimes we see decorations for festivals.

and decorations you can buy.

You see gatherings of people, sometimes for political conversations.

(Never found out what this was...anyone know?)

Everywhere you look (it seems) you see stupas and temples.

The buses and trucks often have cute little sayings on them,

or pictures of dead celebrities.

I've also got pictures of Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison on the backs of vehicles,
but of course at this moment I can't find any!

You can also find these guys on throws too!

Because not everyone can read (although each year literacy is up),
there are lots of picture messages around Kathmandu.

Once we stumbled upon the Kathmandu Half-Marathon.
Yes, that is smog they are breathing!
Now you can see why I usually come home with a headache!

There are lots of statues in Kathmandu.

Policemen are always in evidence.

and sometimes soldiers.

My favorite thing to see in Kathmandu though is a smile on the face of
my husband as he relaxes!

Well, that's enough for now!  Next time I'll show pictures of where we shop
and where we eat.

Have a nice day, take care, and God bless!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Doctor Profile

Hi!  This post is going to redirect you to our hospital's blog where my husband is the subject of the new series, "Doctor Profiles."  I'm a proud wife!  Enjoy!  Have a nice day, take care, and God bless!