Saturday, December 1, 2012

Last Days of Vacation

Hi!  I'm back! FINALLY I have time to update this blog!  Our vacation in Paraguay is over and we're busy and back to work here in Nepal--and we have some beautiful memories to remember.

Here we are at the famous church in Aregua, a short drive out of the city.  It's quite beautiful!
While driving around Aregua you can see pottery and other items made by local artisans for sale.

We also went to see the famous basilica in the town of Caacupe where there is a pilgrimage every December 8.  We were there on a "regular" Sunday, and it was still crowded--but of course, nothing like it is on the day of the pilgrimage!  Why don't I have a picture of this beautiful cathedral?  Well, right after taking the above pictures, my camera's battery ran out.  I put in the spare.  It was dead too!  WHAT?  I had forgotten to recharge the spare!  UGH!  So, I also lost out on taking pictures of Lake Ypacarai and the lovely resort town of San Bernardino--where I told Ramon I want us to retire to!  I loved it!  You'll have to wait for pictures until next year!  (Of course, you can also look in Google Images!)

I do have some pictures of Asuncion though (after I recharged BOTH of my batteries!) and here they are.  We saw the tomb of the unknown soldier

which is in this beautiful building called the Panteon del los Heros.

Here are some other sights to see as you walk around Asuncion.
I've posted some pictures of Asuncion before, but it was some time ago.

You never know what you'll see :)

Among the many things we did was eating excellent pizza with with the excellent company of cousins

and enjoyed a wonderful pasta bar with wonderful friends.

I must mention something about this pasta bar, named Bellini.
When you find yourself in Asuncion and you want the BEST brownie you will ever eat outside of the United States, please find this restaurant (in the downtown--yes, right next to McDonald's!) and you will be very happy!  I'm not kidding--it was THE BEST!!!

We also enjoyed this Food Court at Villa Morra Shopping Center--many times I might add!

Well, all too soon it was time to say Goodbye and head home.  Look what we had to miss!  :)

At the airport in the waiting lounge, there was, as there often is, someone playing a harp--lovely!

We flew again on Qatar Airways, which we recommend.  Our layovers were in Sao Paolo and Doha, where we met up with my mom.  Thankfully she had had a nice flight.  She arrived before we did and waited for us in the Oryx Lounge, which she recommends.  We had a beautiful sunny day to fly and for the first time we could see more of Nepal other than the tops of the mountain peaks over the clouds--since the clouds were few and far between.  Fascinating!

Finally we began to see the Himalayas and since Mom was sitting by the window, she was kept busy snapping away for herself, us, and the three girls sitting across the aisle from us--alternating five cameras!  Thanks for taking these beautiful pics Mom!  Here we go--the first glimpse:

Let's zoom in:

And now, because there aren't too many clouds, we can finally see more of Nepal!

Can you see the villages and terraces?

...and then we were in Kathmandu again.

It's good to be back at work with my little sweeties!  I always feel like a celebrity when I walk into the school and they run to me with their hands spread out--it's wonderful!

Ramon is busy and busy!  At the moment, there is a team from ADRA Japan here doing surgeries.

It's been great having Mom here!  I've been fighting a bad cold and she's been doing "Mom" things like cooking and cleaning!  Ramon asked her if she wanted to stay for only eight more years.  (She said, "Thanks, but no thanks!")  We have been able to get in a few fun things though, and here's a picture of her in the Garden of Dreams in the middle of Kathmandu.  Did you know there was such a beautiful garden smack dab in the middle of this city?

Well, that's all for now.  More on what we've been doing later.  Have a nice day, take care, and God bless!