Sunday, December 25, 2016

December in Nepal


December 25 is just another day here, but now and then you spot something

This December we have seen several demonstrations, which are not uncommon in Nepal.
This one was peaceful.

This one we stumbled upon, and had to turn around for, had potential to not be peaceful.
I even saw someone throw a rather large stone and you can see smoke in the distance.

While walking and driving around, you see people rebuilding their earthquake damaged buildings.


This is good news, because some people are still living and sleeping in unsatisfactory conditions.
While it's been a fairly mild winter so far, it's supposed to get cold soon.  Right now our indoor temp is a balmy 61 F. as opposed to 51 F. this time last year!  Read the photo credit to find out more.

The other day our elementary school had it's Annual Program,

and the nursing school put on a Christmas drama.

Read the photo credit under this pic to see other Christmas celebrations.
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This time of year is one of the designated times for weddings.  At any time you can see this:

and hear this:

Usually you hear the procession before you see it!

Next come the bride and groom in a decorated car.  This couple had an escort by Little Brother.

Littlest Brother looked like he wished he could go and run and play!
He was so adorable!

Recently we went to a wedding reception.  The bride used to be a nurse in the operating room.
Now she works in a big hospital in Kathmandu.  She was so beautiful!

There was gift giving,

and lots of food!  Here is the snack table,
Hmmm?  What to get?

...and the cooking area.

You could sit here

...or here, which is where we sat.

Ramon made a new and adorable friend.

The kids had fun dancing.

  Enjoy a lovely holiday with your family!
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